Introducing the Purple Tick

Mackenzie Roskruge

Business Development Associate

23 June 2024

Great news! We’re excited to introduce a new feature that will enhance your job matching experience on ZEIL: Company verification.

Starting today, you will see a purple verification tick next to job posts, feed posts and company brand pages. This tick is a sign that you’re connecting with ZEIL-approved employers.

Why We’ve Introduced Company Verification

Recently, we have identified some suspicious companies imitating legitimate accounts.

To combat this, we’re actively addressing these issues to make sure we’re looking after your safety and security on our platform. The introduction of the purple verification tick is a significant step in this direction.

When you see the purple tick on company profiles you can be assured that they have passed our security checks and are verified as trustworthy employers.

Companies without the purple tick are often still legitimate employers who have not yet been in touch with the ZEIL team. We encourage you to still apply for these opportunities and to use the verification tick as a guideline to remain vigilant.

How to Use the Verification Tick

  • Look for the Tick

When swiping through jobs on ZEIL, look for the purple verification tick. This is your signal that the employer has been in touch with the ZEIL team. If you’re interested in a role without a purple tick, don’t be discouraged from swiping right. Good practice is to search up the company to do your own research.

  • Double Check

Never apply for a job that asks you to deposit money to them or redirects you to social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram.

  • Stay Safe

If you encounter any suspicious activity or companies without the verification tick offering unrealistic salaries, please report them to us on immediately.