How to Leverage Your Career Growth

Mackenzie Roskruge

Business Development Associate

10 July 2024

Looking for your next career move? ZEIL is here to help you explore your next upward, lateral, or forward career step, even in a fluctuating job market.

At ZEIL, we know you're on the hunt for your next opportunity. The perfect place to start is by optimising your job preferences. We help you pinpoint the most important aspects of a job for you, whether it's a promotion, a convenient location, or an inspiring career leap.

Here’s how to leverage ZEIL for your career growth…

Maximising the ZEIL Job Matching Algorithm

We don’t keep our job matching algorithm a secret. ZEIL provides you with up to 25 job matches tailored to your preferences every day. For the best results, update your job preferences, including your ideal location or job title, on your profile. This way, your matches become more precise over time.

Keeping Your Profile Updated

To work smarter, not harder, always update your ZEIL profile with new skills or side projects. Each update refreshes your ZEIL CV automatically. When you find your perfect job match, your CV will be ready to go without extra effort.

Finding Relevant Jobs for You

For a broader job search, look for jobs based on specific characteristics you desire in a company. For example, if you want a dog-friendly workplace with women in leadership, you can search for those features.

Daily Job Match Updates

Your ideal job stack today might not be the same tomorrow. Check in with ZEIL daily for fresh job matches to stay ahead of the market and remain on top of your career game.